Workflow: following up with detail

CRM has this great feature that allows you to click on a button and create a follow up action. You can create a task, appointment, phone call just by clicking on this button. However, wouldn?t it be nice to be able to include some of the details of the activity you already have open in the new activity? Well you can, by using some simple workflow.

Lets say that you want to create a follow up phone call from a task and you want to include the notes from the task and store them in the notes for the phone call (so you don?t have to refer back to the task while on the phone call).

Create a tick box attribute and add it to the task form. Name it something useful like, Create Phone Call?. Then create a simple workflow that is triggered each time you save a task. Have it check the tick box, if ticked get it to create a new phone call and have it copy the notes field from the task to the notes filed in the new phone call. and Voila, done.

You can expand this to copy any of the fields in common. You can even get clever, and do the same thing by writing a plug in that acts synchronously so the user doesn?t have to wait for the workflow to kick in.

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