6 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Microsoft CRM User Support

If you’re running Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organisation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to support the system internally. But that doesn’t always make sense, from a financial, resourcing or practical perspective. Here are six telling signs that it might be time to consider using an outsourced Microsoft CRM helpdesk.

1. Your IT team is spinning its wheels on low value tasks

Providing user support can’t be avoided, but it can take up large amounts of tech time. Keeping things working is essentially a low value task, as it doesn’t add any strategic advantage. That’s where it’s time to question who should perform this task – when you have limited resources, you need to use their time wisely. By freeing up your IT team, you can create a window of opportunity to get them working on higher value tasks that add real value, such as rolling out a new business system, or adding enhancements or integrations.


2. Users aren’t satisfied

If you’re hearing complaints from users about the CRM system, it’s a good indication that it’s time to do things differently. It might be that they’re waiting weeks to get help with crucial reports, or workflows are broken, or they simply can’t get timely help. Your CRM likely supports critical business functions, like sales, support, marketing or others and poor CRM support is likely to affect your operational effectiveness.


3. New ideas and projects aren’t getting off the ground

When your IT team is swamped with support requests, they can’t turn their attention to new projects that will make a difference to the business. If a support backlog is affecting new initiatives, it’s time to find a new way to clear it.


4. People, people, people

Good Dynamics CRM support comes down to having the right people in place. There can be multiple issues at stake here. You might be reliant on a single individual, which means that support falls over during holidays, other projects, or if there are performance issues. Or you might be missing the right skills internally. Or you might wish you didn’t have to recruit for CRM skills to make life easier. All of these issues make you a candidate to outsource CRM support.


5. You’re growing, but your headcount isn’t

If you’re part of a growing organisation – congratulations! You’re likely to be feeling growing pains, which includes more work than you can handle. When there are restrictions on new headcount, outsourcing part of your work at a fixed cost can make excellent sense – as the cost will come in at a fraction of the cost of a new hire.


6. You’ve got CRM performance issues

A slow CRM. Broken workflows. Problematic reports. If your CRM is in dire need of a tune-up, and the problems are piling up, it’s time to get some extra help.


Want to talk about Microsoft CRM support?

If you identify with more than one of these warning signs, it’s time to consider some external help with Microsoft CRM support. Using a specialist Australian team of Microsoft-certified engineers is the most effective and efficient way to ensure CRM success and user satisfaction. You also gain financial certainty, with a fixed-price service model.

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