New Service: Dynamics CRM Cloud Migration

MSCRM Cloud Migration

Many Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers who are currently using on-premise software are contemplating a move to the cloud. But while the benefits of reduced software and hardware maintenance are often compelling, it’s the migration itself that can be a deterrent.

That’s because it’s not easy. Especially if you’ve had your CRM for a while, have lots of historic data and/or lots of customisations.

It’s enough to keep your IT team up at night.

  • What if the migration runs into roadblocks?
  • What if something breaks?
  • Will we lose data?
  • Will our workflows transfer?

Rather than attempting to learn everything about migration, there’s now an easier way.

Let MrCRM do it. You see, we’ve done it all before. And our national team of experts is enterprise-level, so no amount of complicated workflows or customisations will worry them.

Learn more about our Dynamics CRM Migration service.

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