What is xRM?

xRM is a Microsoft business application framework for the management of any business entity. xRM arose out of the use of customer relationship management (CRM) applications to manage customer relationships in marketing, sales, and customer service. As businesses expanded their use of this new generation of CRM solutions, they began to use them to manage a wider range of entities not just customer relationships, but also asset management, prospect management, patient management, and many more. What began as a CRM solution was adapted to be the framework for multiple line-of-business applications built around core CRM capabilities.

Why MrCRM?

MrCRM has extensive experience using the powerful xRM framework to develop highly customised applications that streamline and automate business processes and manage any kind of business relationship. Our approach has been proven to significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of developing custom solutions that address your unique business requirements.

The video below will give you some concept of what MrCRM can accomplish with xRM.