What Is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that focuses on making customers the centre of the business. Our customers implement CRM to optimise their business revenue and profit while reducing costs through improved interactions at each customer touch point. CRM helps them accomplish these goals by providing greater visibility into customer information and by empowering people to make better use of customer data to drive successful business outcomes. CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provide the technology needed to become a customer-centric organisation by providing tools that streamline, automate and enforce marketing, sales, and customer service processes, policies and procedures, and enable your business to manage customer relationships more effectively and profitably.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

MrCRM has chosen to become a specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) solution re seller, recommending this solution to companies seeking to become more customer-centric . After extensive research, we identified the Microsoft Dynamics  365 (CRM) platform was the only one that gave the power, flexibility and low cost of ownership (high return on investment) required by our customers with none of the compromises the other systems demonstrated. More than 14,000 companies in 80 countries already use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to power their customer relationship management strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a fully integrated customer relationship management solution. Comprised of a robust suite of sales, marketing, and service capabilities, it offers businesses of all sizes a fast, flexible, and affordable platform for finding, winning, and growing profitable customer relationships. Its familiar, native Office Outlook integration drives user adoption, improves productivity, and powers business processes for greater overall impact. Its single code base offers an enterprise-class, software as a service platform with tools, technologies, and flexible deployment options (both on-premise and hosted) for businesses to maximise their investment and realise enhanced value. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has modules for marketing automation, sales force automation, customer service and sophisticated analytics that span functional areas.

Why Choose MrCRM?

MrCRM has successfully deployed more than 100’s solutions utilising Microsoft Dynamics CRM  and dynamics 365 for customers across Australia. Our deep domain and technical Microsoft product expertise has been proven to ensure a successful, cost-effective outcome and reduce the risk of project failure. Indeed, we are often called in by other partners to manage the implementation of projects that require a high degree of customisation or to remediate projects in trouble. MrCRM has also developed a range of plug-ins that can quickly and cost-effectively complement and extend the core Dynamics CRM capability saving you time and money on your implementation.

Dynamics 365 is now our preferred solution for the development of new sites. With hundreds of improvements over previous versions it’s mobile and cross platform friendly. Dynamics 365 provides a richer environment for business processes. With enhanced workflows, and consistent interface, it remains the leading best CRM system available.