Do your customers connect with you in many different ways: phone, email, website, fax, sms, Twitter or other social media sites

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with native integration or add-ons allow you to connect your CRM to many types of databases or systems within your organisation. At the simplest level you use Outlook and CRM provides native integration. Calendars, tasks, emails, documents. The functionality of CRM though is enhanced when you move from just integrating email to integrating phone, fax, SMS as part of the communication process.

Phone systems generally connect using TAPI, OCS, Skype, Lync, and modules are available for both hosted and on premise Dynamics 365 CRM . Functionality for these integration tools generally include the following features and are available from a range of vendors. MrCRM will assist in selecting the right product for your business requirements. There are many products and we are familiar with those products that provide best value and have developed add-ons for some systems.

User Interface

The user interface, a pop-up window called ‘balloon’, contains all client-side functionalities and details about the call (e.g. duration, etc.) and the caller (e.g. name, etc.). Context-menu provides CRM functionalities (e.g. open regarding CRM-records, create new entity- or activity-records). You can use the integrated create tasks for followup, delegate to others for further actions or kick off a workflow.

Integrated Search

It is possible to search for CRM records. Outgoing calls can be started straight away without the need to explicitly open CRM.

Microsoft Lync Chat Integration

This functionality connects the Microsoft Lync Chat with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The specific TI Lync Chat window displays current conversations and details about the chat-partners retrieved from CRM. Within the window, users can open the partners CRM records, create a new contact, etc., store conversations within CRM (via chat- / letter-activities).


Because the inbound call takes you to the actual record, the receiver of the inbound call gets a detailed overview of previous calls, the possibility to analyse calling durations and a quick start of call-backs. Full history of your dealings with the customer is available to the employee.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing allows automatic or manual dialing from CRM records (accounts, contacts etc.) attached to marketing lists of call campaign activities. The lists can be distributed to various users for simultaneous processing. During post-processing, calls can be marked as successful/failed or rescheduled. After post-processing, pre-processing for the next call starts. The Predictive Dialer-header added to the CRM call-window includes details about the contacted record and the processed list.

SMS Gateways

SMS gateways can be integrated into sending messages out as part of marketing or customer service alerts, but can also be part of inbound communication as well. The price can be as low as 4c cost, much less than snail mail or fax.

Twitter and Social Networks

CRM can be integrated with systems that look for tweets to the company and respond accordingly.

Integration with CyTrack

MrCRM provided integration with CyTrack  which has over 3000 customers. Check out their website with their products or go to their channel onCyTrack Youtube Channel