MrCRM provides an advance Solution Pack with a number of plugins. Available on both hosted and on-premise supported sites, the various features provide more function to the end users. Combined with advanced dashboards, workflow these small add-ons provide real value to the CRM operator. These MrCRM plug-ins reduce the implementation time, development effort and cost of MrCRM projects and can be purchased separately by other Dynamics customers and partners.

  • Postcode/Suburb Lookup
  • Automated Customisation Backup
  • Update Contact from Account
  • Update Account from Contact
  • Colour Palette Chooser
  • Sharepoint Document Library link
  • Notes Viewer for Contact and Account
  • Auto Creation of Follow-up Activity

Australian formatting

CRM provides for phone numbers that are 9 digits, mobile phone numbers, postal codes. For Australians.

Australian formatting

PostCode Lookup.

Enter a new customer, start typing in the address, click on the search symbol and validate the address with the right postcode and suburb.

Post Code Lookup

Sales Call  Quick Sheet

Enter data into a single form. The biggest advantage that this offers the reduction in time to enter a large amount of data across multiple entities.

Sales Call Quick Sheet

CRM-Google Map Integration

Using the Google mapping tool and the standard viewing grids for Accounts and contacts (which also gives you access to all system & person views) you can select up to 25 records at a time to be displayed on the map as push pins. The Pushpins are configurable to various types, and hovering over the pin displays basic (configurable) information about the record.

 CRM-Google Map Integration

Map Proximity Planner

Want to know how to plan a route to visit all your customers? The proximity planner allows you to set a starting point (suburb) and select a radius. Then select, accounts, contacts or both. The Pin represents the starting point. The pins can have different symbols, so you can see at a glance the type of account, and also the contact. Clicking on these reveals more detail. A data grid of all the records is also shown. Clicking on one of the records navigates directly to the record in the CRM system.

Call Planner

You can set up objection handling instances, and then selecting a contact automatically fills in the company. Selecting a company first means you can only select an employee of that company form the contact look up. With as many objection handling instances as required, you can define questions and responses sought. Objectives and questions to ask can be numbered and ordered, and you can set agenda items to ensure the sales call covers off all issues. These tasks can be assigned to others and progress monitored.

Call Planner

Finally, you can set up a list of things to take with you.


These are a few of the dozens of small, but important system enhancements so that the clients do not have to ‘reinvent the wheel’. MrCRM continuously develops new functionality all upgradeable and supported, which are released to all customers who take up the Advanced Pack.