Is your organisational data in different places? When your customers contact you do you understand the value of the customer and the varied interaction between you and them.

For Example, if you are a charity organisation. You provide services to a range of clients. You have a shop you sell goods or services. You have supporting members, volunteers, and you have a number of fund raising activities. With an integrated system, your accounting system talks to the shop, and talks to the membership database, your volunteering rostering system, your website and commerce shop on the web, and the dozens of spreadsheets, forms, newsletter and marketing material you use. For some businesses, you also want to integrate your communications & phones, faxes, Twitter, email and SMS.

The challenge is integration, without expense!

Microsoft Dynamis CRM Suite

MrCRM is an expert in integration between various systems, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a very powerful system that allows integration from a large number of sources. For detailed information on integration solutions check out our Solutions Page.

With our expertise in-house, and the power of MS Dynamics 365  the opportunities are to have a single point of truth in any business, commercial or charity.