CRM Consulting

Thinking of a CRM system?

A CRM is a system to assist you to manage the relationship between a business and their client. So you need to know your existing relationship, and plan for a system that enhances that. Have you ever dealt with a business and their systems seem to make that relationship worse. Was it a pleasant experience? To avoid these sort of bad CRM systems, start with defining your business processes. What can you improve, to improve that process

Our consultancy services are to help define that customer relationship, your internal processes, and define a CRM system that benefits both the customer and your business. Our team will:

  • Assess your business processespartnership
  • Match the processes to data within your organisation. It is often in ‘silos’ and CRM will help break down those structures.
  • Understand and document the workflows between you and your customer.
  • Provide a UML design for development.
  • Provide an estimate of investment. (We are unashamedly advocates for a hosted solution which costs less than a cup of coffee per day per user and can get you up and going in just a few minutes).
  • As much as possible, use the Dynamics configuration processes, so your system can be upgraded with the latest enhancements from Microsoft.
  • Implement and configure the system to your needs
  • Assist you to train your users.

For a simple business process, the whole process can take as little as a week, but for complex businesses where you want to get rid of 10 separate databases, integrate your accounting system, your phone system and a dozen or more business services and bring across years of data, then it will take a little longer.