Has the time come to migrate Dynamics CRM to the cloud?

While your IT team might be salivating over the prospect of not having to maintain CRM software and hardware, the migration itself can become a burden.

Migrating Dynamics CRM from on prem to online isn’t always straightforward. It takes skills and experience to make the transition seamless and avoid technical pitfalls and holdups. 

Migration challenges

The easy part is exporting contacts and companies. Where it gets tricky is:

  • Migrating record ownership 
  • Migrating the links of child-parent records to maintain data structure 
  • Importing linked records in the correct order to preserve functionality 
  • Keeping ‘created by’ and ‘created on’ attributes for records when the user is no longer in the system 
  • Creating a data backup for data that cannot be migrated online, such as audit logs 
  • Recreating security roles accurately 
  • Creating users in the new environment

Expert help for a flat fee

When you add up:

  • The time it would take for your inhouse team to research and prepare for migration 
  • The time to overcome technical challenges 
  • The time spent executing the migration 

Wouldn’t it be better to pay a flat fee to an expert team? One that:

  • Has handled countless migrations before yours 
  • Is experienced in enterprise-level CRM deployments and migrations 
  • Doesn’t bat an eyelid at customisations and complicated setups 
  • Has a dedicated, national team of Dynamics CRM professionals 

How much?

Our migration packages start at $5,000 + GST, depending on the scale and complexity of your deployment. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll provide a quotation.


And a final word on Azure

If you’re looking to host Dynamics 365 on Azure, we can help! Get in touch to find out more.