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6 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Microsoft CRM User Support

If you’re running Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your organisation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to support the system internally. But that doesn’t always make sense, from a financial, resourcing or practical perspective. Here are six telling signs that it might be time to consider using an outsourced Microsoft CRM […]

Getting Microsoft CRM Help: The Easy Way

Microsoft CRM Help

Once an installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is complete, the question remains: How will you provide users with Microsoft CRM help and support? The how-to questions… Reporting… Requests for new fields, workflows, users… Troubleshooting… and (gulp) persistent problems that don’t seem to go away.   And what happens when your CRM person goes on holiday. […]

New Service: Dynamics CRM Cloud Migration

MSCRM Cloud Migration

Many Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers who are currently using on-premise software are contemplating a move to the cloud. But while the benefits of reduced software and hardware maintenance are often compelling, it’s the migration itself that can be a deterrent. That’s because it’s not easy. Especially if you’ve had your CRM for a while, have […]