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Customer Relationship Management System in Retail Marketing

CRM in retail

A sound and well-rounded customer relationship management system is an important element in maintaining your retail business. Not only is customer relationship management in retail a business strategy, but it is also a powerful tool to connect retailers with their consumers. Developing this bond is essential in driving your business to the next levels of […]

How to Improve Customer Service with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

crm for customer service

Regardless of its size or market reach, every business aims to deliver positive customer service. But the reality can be a struggle, due to constraints around time, staff, or other resources. As a result, customer growth and other aspects of the business suffer. This is where CRM, or customer relationship management, comes into play. CRM, […]

Five Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

When companies sign on to cloud computing, they contract remote services instead of providing the hardware and software physically located in their own offices. CRM is an excellent application for cloud computing. Network speeds are good enough, pricing is extremely positive, and the skills and resources do not have to be inhouse. The five essential […]

Top 3 Priorities for New CRM Adopters

Once a business has decided to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system, the first thing to do is identify low-hanging fruit. What is low-hanging fruit? They are the simple things, goals that can be quickly reached by introducing changes or solving problems. Remember, every business process has weaknesses which will reduce profits or productivity. […]

Customer Relationship Management: CRM Integration as a Business Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications offer a better understanding of what customers need. CRM is a sales and marketing tool but can be extended through the whole lifecycle with customers to ?provide for multiple touchpoints between the company and its customers. CRM is much more sophisticated than integrating the functions of a telephone, date book, […]

Using Customer Relationship Management Systems in Healthcare

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a highly effective tool for healthcare organizations. For one, it provides for a communication solution among its members, resulting in improved healthcare delivery systems and increased loyalty among patients, stakeholders, and other key persons at lowered costs. By tailoring the system to suit specific service offerings, CRM can support key […]

Change Process in Customer Relationship Management Strategy ? Part I

Redesigning a business process is never easy as people get affected by changes. Yet, change is an inevitable component of customer relationship management strategy. Change fosters growth, as espoused by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter of Harvard Business School. Indeed, remaining stable amidst the dynamic forces of competition leaves companies obsolete.? Yet, one of the problems […]

Customer Relationship Management System in Nonprofit, Charitable Organizations

Setting up a customer relationship management system in a nonprofit organization is equally crucial as in other businesses. Profit organizations principally utilize customer relationship management (CRM) as a business strategy to deliver what their customers need or want, attract new ones into their fold, and generate more revenues in the process. Concisely, this mechanism is […]